just smile.

I miss my beloved home

I miss my beloved mom

I miss my beloved dad

I miss my beloved twin

I miss my beloved youngest sister

I miss my beloved brother

I miss my beloved friends

I miss you all so much.

but something hold me to stay here.

I just can surrender.

don’t  hope too much.

it can make me fall.

just smile  and enjoy life.

hope  I’ll get better tomorrow.



footnotes :
I got a message from my beloved mom,, and she said “Tif (my twin.Red).. Beli rujak aja,, bla bla bla” ,,oh my goshh.. my mom “salah kirim”,,, wwhuuuaaaaa,,, at that time, I wanna go home, wanna eat rujak ..haha..


~ by tita on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “just smile.”

  1. kok aku jadi pingin rujak ya

  2. haha,, samaaaaaa.. 😛

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